Protecting the children of the rich and famous

”Protecting the children of the rich and famous is not a new thought process. Since the dawn of time, rulers, warriors, and leaders of men have always assigned protectors to their children. They realized that they were their most prized possession and must be safeguarded at all costs, whether to carry on their legacy, continue a royal bloodline, and because they were the very essence of their lives. And for those who have been in our industry long enough, they have experienced, at some point in time, working with the children of their clients as well.

However, as the clientele and threats are changing, we see more and more families with extreme wealth or celebrity status needing specialized protection for their little ones. The children of the rich and famous are born into a world of privilege and opportunity, but with that privilege comes a unique set of dangers and challenges. Most of these children, due to their parent’s highly overt status and being constantly in the public eye, they are vulnerable to a wide range of threats. And we can all agree that the threats these children face today have evolved and become more complex than ever before…”

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