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‘It’s not very often when we have the ability to interview and learn from our adversaries. While most efforts are seemingly focused only on physical attacks, they do not give enough emphasis to the paparazzi, media, and all that this facet of protection entails. But we’ve got you covered. This is an interview we have been wanting to do for the last 5 years. What we learned from a retired British paparazzi is that pointing a flashlight toward them won’t work, neither you are safe if you block the tail number from your private jet. We also learned how they find information about your clients, who are willing to pay a lot of money to buy your pictures (no, it is not only the media outlets), to what length they will go to distract you and get that picture and why you will be not able to buy their silence.”
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Our interview with Nick Barreiro, Chief Forensic Analyst of Principle Forensics is available online. It was a pleasure for us to have this opportunity to discuss with Nick the ever popular subject of ”Don’t post pictures from your details, business trips or your clients and their ‘toys”. A subject that has been brought up for discussion hundreds of times and by many diverse colleagues, and even today there seems to be two categories: Those who say there is nothing wrong with it and it causes no threat or harm, and those who are against it and have been preaching it for years. Our new subject matter expert is a certified Audio/Video Forensic Analyst and the founder of Principle Forensics and he discussed with us how easy it is for someone to draw valuable information from your online posts, videos, audio, or pictures. We talked about photography risks, audio/video risks, discreet investigations involving recorded evidence, and why the issue is still critical even if you have the client’s permission to post your pictures with him or the fact that you have stopped working for said client. Nick will welcome any questions but he is not on social media so if you have a question for him to answer, you can email us and we will forward it and follow up with you. He has also offered to do a second interview where we can open it up to participants who can ask questions. So, if you are interested, let us know.