Bodyguards stop exposing your clients!

I know that by this article many colleagues will be unhappy toward me but i have to say what it bothers me as a close protection professional and by that i take full responsibility of my words: 


One of the main characteristics that a close protection agent should have is being silent about his/her client. Who the clients are, what are their daily actions, what they like or dislike etc. But instead of protecting the clients and keeping safe their personal details and making their image confidential,  we are more and more experiencing every day close protection agents acting like celebrities because of their celebrities clients.

Many times i wondered myself why they do it? Why are they exposing their clients whom security and safety they have take over? Many of our colleagues are using their pictures with their clients on social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and twitter accounts. 

As i personally see it, by using in public the pictures of them with their famous client they probably think how ‘’cool and professionals’’ they will look to others, they use their clients to get more clients or students for their close protection schools (Yes they do are many professionals colleagues in our industry who don’t need any celebrity picture to prove how good they are but doing it it damages their hard work). Because some students are misleaded to believe that by attending in their classes they will work one day for the same famous clients.

Because some clients will think the specific close protection agent is more professional since the ‘X’ celebrity has hired him/her and prefers him/her. So why not hiring the same bodyguard?

So what is the problem of exposing in public the client you are working for? Well let’s think this: if I’m a criminal or just someone who looks to assault a celebrity and I know that you are his/her bodyguard what would stop me to come and find you, threat you, your family to get the information I want? Do you find this scenario unreal? What if you get a phone call telling you not to go to your work that day or you’re your family will get hurt? It happens before a couple of years in Greece, when a colleague received a message with his children picture and was asked not to go to work that specific day, otherwise his family would get hurt.

If you are there to prevent an attack you are the first target that will be monitoring, and planned to get ‘’taken care off’’. Working in security industry mean being well prepared and aware for every threat, and not waiting how to react when a gunfire occur. Preparation and prevention are our number one ”weapons” against criminals. 

We are bodyguards, we are not bulletproofs, we are humans and we have families behind us, families who are awaiting we get back home safe and secure, some of us have children to raise and take care. Even if you ready to give your life for your client, what can guaranty you that after you being killed when you put yourself as shield your client will survive and they won’t get to him?

What about the cases when a bodyguard after he/she gets fired he suddenly discover that has a writter in him/her and write a book about his/her ex-client’s spicy life details? How professional this person can be considered after this? How many clients he/she thinks he/she will get after this? How many clients will trust to hire him/her? Our profession is delicate, we are in presence during different situations and life moments of our clients and they need to feel those info are secure and respected, and most important they don’t get outside their room’s door….who haven’t read about Britney Spears ex bodyguard Fernando Flores who claims to have signed a million dollar publishing deal for the book, which is expected to reveal intimate new details on the pop princess’ life behind closed doors? ( or about Kris Herzog the bodyguard of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson who decided to write a book about them? (

By keeping your client’s names list hidden during your contract and after your contract doesn’t make you look less professional to those who are exposing their clients, it makes you the PROFESSIONAL who is protecting his client and himself/herself. Of course there are always recommendation letters from your ex clients that can prove to whom you have work for and you can pass them to the new client who is interested to hire you. 

By closing, just take a minute to think why, the public cannot identify the close protection agents of let’s say, the President of a country, or the governors? Simply because they know the importance of working in shadows and not ‘’bragging’’ about their client. They have learn how important is not to be identified as the bodyguard of the ‘’X’’ president. Instead of this I will say we all know who some celebrities’ bodyguards are…


Denida Zinxhiria 

Athena Academy Founder

5 thoughts on “Bodyguards stop exposing your clients!

  1. Rick May 8, 2012 / 23:48

    Concur with your comments 100%–thanks for posting.

  2. jillybean0410 May 9, 2012 / 23:48

    Spot On. I can’t believe how many times I see photos of BG’s and the clients on their website and even on cv’s. Where did they get their training?

    • jillybean0410 security business is “Cutthroat” competitive industry. Self promotion is a constant because almost all your contracts are short term, and you have market yourself as a second job. The issue is how you will promote yourself? in an Ethical way or do anything to get a contract? Im still wondering…

  3. John Lehman June 3, 2012 / 23:48

    I am an instructor as well as work in the business and live in Dallas, Texas. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen my competetors and those “Bodyguard” types do exactly as your post suggests.

    There is even one guy here that will attend a function as a guest and then get a friend to photograph him with a political figure or celb., then post that picture on the web under ” Our past Clients”. He then goes on to post pictures with resume’s of all his thick necked doormen so a client can hand pick their ” Bodyguard”. I have refused to train anyone that works for him.

    Further, I would sugest that we all stop using the term Bodyguard. It is what society knows and is reinforced through the media but it is a demeaning or devaluing term like calling a woman a “Chick”. It implies a lack of intelligence, and professionalism.

    I have taught many female Protection Professionals. They get it immediately. The men on the other hand let the ego get in the way and just do what ever they have to do to get through the class. Many clients request females because they blend in and provide the intelligence without the size and Muscle.

    Your post here is one of the more intelligent one’s I’ve seen anywhere on the web.

    Thank you for stepping up and putting it out here.

    • Rick Colliver June 3, 2012 / 23:48

      I have to concur with Mr. Lehman. As a client, who outsources 100% of our global security needs, I can tell you that it is a total deal breaker if 1) you post the “look at me with…” pictures…and 2) your website takes on the air of fraud by inferring that you’re experienced at things that you’re not. Honesty is the best policy…followed closely by discretion!

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