Part 1 of the series: What you NEED to know about being a female bodyguard

There’s a lot of talk when the discussion focuses on the female bodyguard and her ability to handle an attacker.  One will hear…”You may not know she’s there until she knocks you down her attacker” or, “Don’t let the small size fool you — she is well trained in martial arts”.  However, comments like these never really point to the actual job of a woman bodyguard.  Here are a couple of things to understand about a female bodyguard that go a lot further than her ability to knock an assailant on their hind quarters.

First and foremost female bodyguards are strategists.  If you are not thinking that this plays the dominate roll, then you have no business in the business.  Also, for consumers or would-be clients, if you don’t see a strategic plan in place by your female bodyguard or there is no discussion we recommend you take a second look.

Strategy is part of planning.  Strategic planning is what a female bodyguard does to keep tight controls.  First and foremost if your not developing a plan then you have already lost control.  Planning is paramount to having ones finger on the pulse, so to speak.  Are you a strategic thinker?  Are you well organized, a prerequisite to being a strategist?

I really don’t care how fast you can draw your sidearm or what martial arts you are trained in, if you have no organizational skills, planning experience or are not a strategic thinker…then you should really not consider being a female bodyguard.

Every facet of working with a client starts with organizational skills.  Developing and cataloging information on your client and their lifestyle gives women bodyguards the ability to have important data when and where needed.  The planning skills a female close protection agent needs makes the clients life easier from ones experience in travel security, knowledge of clients needs and expectations and an understanding in goals and objectives they may have.

In part 2 of this series we will discuss deeper into the planning and strategy skills a female bodyguard needs.

Denida Zinxhiria, CPSS