How to Hire Female Bodyguards

We predicted the surge of the need for female bodyguards a couple of years ago. It was not that it was rocket science, but the fact that a female bodyguard or female executive protection agent, have so much to offer not only on their own, but also in conjunction with their male counterparts.

I won’t discuss this time around what makes hiring a female bodyguard such a good choice. I think its pretty clear that there is enough room and special circumstances that warrant hiring women bodyguards in todays world. What I will speak a moment about is what to look for when you are hiring a female bodyguard.

1. Look for the same thing you would in hiring a male bodyguard. Yes, what ever preconceived idea you would have of hiring a male agent goes for the female executive protection agent. You hire based upon the circumstances of your particular needs.

2. Hire based upon experience. If I told you I would like to come over and work on your Mercedes, would you automatically allow that? Probably not, as you know your fine German automobile is created with high-performance characteristics and require parts that are not “off-the-shelf” and a mechanic with related high performance experience. Why would hiring a female bodyguard be any different? You want to know know if they have any formal education not only as an executive protection operative, but what about higher educational experience?    Have they achieved and professional development in security, investigations or psychology?  Have they attended a criminal justice program or gone to a business school?  Maybe they have additional education in para-medicine or other applicable transferable skill sets.  It is true that you want your bodyguard to know how to protect you, but you also want them to have some intelligence because their ability to think quickly and maybe use their skills of persuasion before their skills in using knuckles may go a lot further.  You get the point.  Look for overall experience that is demonstrated by their professionalism when they sit down with you.

3.  Look for a photograph.  It is true that if you don’t tell the prospective agent who you are, they probably will not want to tell you who they are.  In some cases it is necessary to enter into a non-disclosure before you wish to divulge your identity.  However, if you are dealing with a reputable organization you should feel comfortable in sharing a bit about yourself.  Whether you are hiring an a one-person operation or an entire company, having a professional head and shoulder photo is not too much to ask.  Looking for a photo does not mean you are looking for someone of specially good stock.  No, rather your wanting to know if one is play cloak and dagger games or if they are a professional looking to present themselves in their best light.  Also, at times it is necessary to match a person based upon characteristics.  However, work in conjunction with your point of contact in this regard.  They will always have this in mind.

4. Look for all the right paperwork.  The right paperwork depends upon where in the world you will be going.  For example, if you hire a bodyguard in California, USA you will need to hire one who is appropriately licensed as a security company or private investigator.  Private investigators can provide you with protection as long as their is an investigation that they are conducting as well, ie: who is threatening you.  A security company can provide you with security for any reason, including uniformed security but they cannot provide you with threat investigations.   If you are travelling with a bodyguard that started in an area where its not the law to be licensed and you are going into jurisdictions where they do require licensing, you are usually okay.  Most of the laws are to keep the consumer protected in respective states and other jurisdictions.  Also, if your female bodyguard is not armed, you never really have an issue as they are just a travelling companion.

Do they have a passport?  As part of the paperwork process ask them if they can travel at a moments notice, if need be.  Ask them what resources they have such as car services, private jet services, secure hotels, networks of other professionals if need be.  Making sure they have the legal authority to travel is paramount.  Also, do they carry insurance?  Do they have international driving privileges, do they enter into a written contract?  All these are necessary when evaluating your potential female bodyguard.

5. Do they know their business?  One of the first thing your female bodyguard should always do is conduct a threat assessment.  This is not always done in the detail we may like due to budget and time constraints.  However, your female executive protection agent should do a one on one assessment of your needs.  You as the consumer cannot just tell them you need a woman bodyguard.  No, you must quantify your needs with some explanation, documentation or your concerns.  Female bodyguards can’t see through walls, so help us help you.  Some of our questions during our assessment may seem invasive and they are.  For example, do you have anyone besides your mate that your having a relationship with?  Or, a complete list of medications you are on would be another necessary inquiry.  These issues help us to protect you.  So, expect your female close protection agent to ask tough questions so they can develop the most appropriate plan.  Remember we are strategists first and bruisers last.  If your female bodyguard does not do an assessment of some reasonable sort…get out of there!

6. Personality, Presentbility, Professionalism.  Look for the female bodyguard to be reasonably personable.  You may be travelling with such one for long durations, living in close quarters or other such circumstances that warrant your female close protection agent to have a decent personality.  True enough we are not there to be your best friend, however, we should have a personality that you feel comfortable with.  The bodyguard you seen in a movie acting aloof or unapproachable it not what your looking for.  You want someone especially in one-on-one situations (just you and your bodyguard) to act friendly towards you, but respect your space and know what not to do.  This comes to our point on professionalism.  Look for a female bodyguard that behaves kindly to others, knows how to get what is needed through tact and diplomacy – not by use of force or the fact that they are a “bodyguard”.    Professionalism is many things and someone that is polished in appearance is also a deciding factor, but don’t be fooled.  A female bodyguard that shows up in a tidy little suit does not mean she is qualified, remember to look at the big picture we have discussed here.

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Denida Zinxiria, CPSS