Are You a Female Bodyguard?

Security concerns are growing the world over.  With more people than ever concerned for their safety and that of their families, more opportunities about for those that serve and protect.

As we grow to be the worlds largest place for the promotion of female bodyguards, Female BODYGUARD Information promotes and advocates highly trained women to fill the needs of the protective services industry.  As the official blog for ATHENA Academy a international female security training group; and the official blog for ATHENA Worldwide, whose mission is to be the worlds authoritiy on the hiring and  placement of female bodyguards, this blog aims to provide you with historical information, current events, training notes and more.

We highly reccommend that you join for FREE our newsletter by visiting  As a member of our free growing membership you will have the ability to send us your CV and allow us to help you find work.  Additionally, if you need training or would like to refresh your past education, then ATHENA Academy is for you.

Also, ATHENA Academy is now offering qualified women an opportunity to operate their own ATHENA Academy in their area.  To find out more you may send us a message at

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