Philippine Bodyguards Killed – Two in the last 31 days!

The second taking of a close protection agents life in the Philippines in the last two months took place yesterday in the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines – A bodyguard of suspended Rodriguez, Rizal, Mayor Pedro Cuerpo was shot dead by suspects in Rizal province on New Year’s eve, the provincial police chief said.

Ricardo Amata was shot in broad daylight at the Rodriguez market at around 9:30 a.m. and died while undergoing treatment at the hospital, said Senior Superintendent Ireneo Dordas.

Dordas identified one of the gunmen as Bhong Meldo, who was shot dead by responding policemen.

However, a policeman also died in the encounter. Dordas identified him as Senior Police Officer 2 Danny Zuniga, who was shot by other suspects who immediately fled after the incident.

Pursuit operations are underway for the arrest of the other suspects.

A second murder of a Philippine Bodyguard took place in November and here is an excerpt from that story:

Batangas CITY , Philippines  – A town mayor’s body guard and a 38-year-old balikbayan were shot dead by assassins in separate incidents that happened in Tanauan City and San Pascual town Thursday afternoon, police said.

Senior Superintendent Jesus Gatchalian, Batangas police director identified the victims as Armando Marquez, 54, a resident of RR Station, Barangay Calicanto, Batangas City; and a close-in bodyguard of Bauan Mayor Ryann Dolor and balikbayan Rogelio Awitan, a resident of Barangay Banadero in Tanauan City.

Rogelio is the brother of chairman Emeterio Awitan of said barangay.

According to report, Mar quez was stepping out from the San Pascual cockpit arena when a lone gunman approached him from behind and shot him around 5:15 p.m.

Police said Marquez, a cockpit arena manager, was allegedly shot by a certain Marlon Gadol who escaped toward unknown direction after the incident.


We should consider that we don’t have any more information at the moment on these matters.  But, we need to understand that sometimes this job is taken for granted.  Pre operational surveillance was most likely used to understand all the players in the security detail and even possibly their itineraries.  This is why we emphasize…it does not matter your size or how tough you look.  Bodyguarding is about ensuring that you are planning.  Protective Intelligence is a key component so often overlooked.  Learn how to conduct appropriate protecting intelligence when you attend Athena Academy Female Close Protection Operatives Course.

Female Bodyguards…the early days of Japanese female close protection

In 1979 when Margaret Thatcher  was coming into power as Britain’s first female Prime Minister, rejected a female bodyguard team while attending the Tokyo economic summit.  Thatcher was assigned a detail of 20 “karate ladies”.  She rejected the offer for the level and type of protection based upon not wanting to be singled out and treated differently than her male counterparts.

The Japanese secured the event with 26,000 police officers.  Since Thatcher had not used female close protection at home, she was content with having predominately male executive protection on her side.  We can’t know for sure if the female bodyguards were given another task during this event or if they were just put the way side.  But, we think that the Japanese government in some ways was forward thinking.  They obviously saw the value in having a female close protection unit for visiting female dignitaries.

Of course there are many reasons female’s should be looked at as a valuable resource when planning protective assignments.  Looking at what type of client you have is always a precursor to assigning the best man OR woman for the job.