Dating with your client?

The last days MEDIA have gone crazy after the so-called romantic relationship of the famous model Heidi Klum and her bodyguard and the fact if she was dating him while married to Seal or not. Now we are not the ones who will comment anyone’s else personal life but if we see it from our professional perspective we have to see if it’s wrong or not to be romantically connected with your client and why.

Personally and this is my own opinion, dating your client or any of his family members I see it as a very wrong and unprofessional. However it has happened before with many celebrities, some of those relationships ended well with a marriage (ANASTASIA) and some ended with revealing spicy clients details by his/her ex bodyguard to MEDIA after the relationship end.

Remember Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard movie? Oh yes art sometimes copy real life.

It is understood that you may have to spend many hours with the same person, your client, you will be in present in some of very important moment of his/her life and sometimes it is acceptable to get ‘’emotionally’’ connected. They will feel happy, sad, scared and you will be there and see all their emotional scales. Sometimes you would even need to act due to your professional duties to make them feel safer. We can’t judge someone’s heart, but we must make you aware that in a relationship like this someone has the upper hand (control) and someone is in a negative-vulnerable position and that’s the client.  The fact that the client relies on you for his/her safety makes them ‘’depended’’ on you. Just imagine it as a relationship doctor-client, tutor-student.

However if you believe you found the love of your life on your client face, then leave it to someone else to take your professional role and you can always protect him/her from another perspective or role. The one of the life partner.

This will not only protect the person you are related too but also you.

It is important in our job to act objectively and not be affected by emotions that can ‘’block’’ our senses to do our job as we suppose to. And we all know very well how unprofessional or non logical ‘’love’’ can make us act sometimes.

Denida Zinxhiria

Athena Academy Founder

One thought on “Dating with your client?

  1. Joshua Johnson 17/11/2012 / 23:48

    There are many celebrities who cannot excercise self-control much of the time. Some close-protection operatives find themselves in obscure situations that they did not sign up for. Such as the case with Amy Winehouse and her bodyguard. It seems that (depending on the mental state of the client) being a bodyguard can be a degrading job some of the time. If a client believes he/she can use his/her bodyguard for any number of mediocre purposes it just prevents the agent from doing his/her job efficiantly. If a scandelous incident does arise it is not the fault of the close-protection agent. They are trying to do their jobs, their minds are sharp as steel. The minds of most people, on the other hand, are not as sharp but can be quite whimsical. Not everyone is mentally awake and morally straight, (as said in the BoyScout Oath) only a handful of people are, and those people are close-protection operatives. They deserve to be treated with respect. So I would admonish all people who hire close-protection agents NOT to invite their bodyguards into relationships.

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