Chinese Female Bodyguards…

Usually when it comes to other Close Protection Training providers that i have no personal experience with i prefer not to comment but this time i couldn’t resist.

The last months there have been an ”explosion” to the Media about the stories of Chinese Female Bodyguards (Although i never liked to use the term bodyguards for our job). The fact they (female Close Protection Operatives aka Bodyguards) have been in high demand lately in China, as in other countries as well…Middle East, India, UAE, Africa and European countries just to name some…

This phenomenon leads from the fact that the last years people are more informed over Close Protection Industry and the need for female CPO. They now know that women can get trained the same and offer the same high standard services to clients (female clients, children) or even contribute with big success in a CP team with their male colleagues.

So as we know the demand for something leads to many offers, sometimes in order to get the ”client” some companies will drop their cost and that mean lower standards services.  Or will try to find something another company doesn’t have it to claim they are best.

When it comes to female bodyguard training, what we in security industry and in training sector of it, have to have in our mind is offer to our female students the same exactly professional skills and education with the rest male students, a woman doesn’t have to prove anymore how equal she is with a man by getting beat up in courses…

Our profession is 90% pre-intelligence (mental awareness) and 10 % physical combat ability.  And when it comes to combat ability, keep in mind that those who are experienced in boxing or any form of street fighting will tell you that they felt exhausted after 2-3 minutes into the fight. No matter what one’s athletic ability, combat skills or physical condition, and no matter how well-trained one may be, no one can guarantee he/she will get out of a fight with no bodily harm. As CPO’s our job is to prevent the attack, and when not possible to prevent, then respond fast, spurn the attack and get the client to a safe place.   Our bodyguard training must consist topics like : Principles of CPO, Code of Conduct, Protective Escort, Surveillance & Counter Surveillance, Counter Terrorism, Event and Estate Security, Behavioral Intelligence, First AID/CPR/AED, Basic Pistol Training & Firearms Safety, Armed and Unarmed Combat and those are only few to name.

So personally being a female bodyguard and an instructor i see no reason at all for a student have to go through smashing a bottle on her head or a piece of wood on her leg  (, i see nothing those ”tactics” can offer to her professional skills besides raising a specific ”propaganda”.

If they want to show tough, well i have to say being tough in real life situation is much more different than being in a classroom.

Smashing bottles on students head or piece of wood on their legs is good only for movie stunts classes…


Denida Zinxhiria

Athena Academy Founder

2 thoughts on “Chinese Female Bodyguards…

  1. Jacquie Davis 19/02/2012 / 23:48

    How i agree with you. I did a piece for the china daily news on exactly the same argument, having to explain again our job is not to fight but to get our client to safety, body cover and remove.


  2. Paul 20/02/2012 / 23:48

    Very interesting comments made. I am both CPO and trainer, and have been for a number of years. Although having an ability to defend not only your Principal but yourself is necessary, it would come as a last resort. If proper thought and planning has gone into each task, then an effective management of a situation would be carried out as you would of pre-empted any possible physical threat. This would allow you to move your Principal away from the threat. Standing toe to toe with someone only leaves your Principal vulnerable. Of course, things happen and getting away isn’t always possible. That is when knowledge and skills learnt through reliable ‘Reality Based Self Defense’ comes up trumps. Standing in a safe training room with health & safety awareness gone nuts, within a totally controlled environment having bottles or pieces of wood broken off various body parts in no way prepares you for an actual physical encounter where the adrenaline alone can leave you in a paralytic state of mind.

    Sorry about the rant but i totally agree……these kind of stunts belong in the films only!!!

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