Are Gaddafi females bodyguards overdoing it?

Are Gaddafi females bodyguards overdoing it?

When you see the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with his personal security escort, one thing can comes to mind ‘’too much’’.  You can see 200-300 females bodyguards dressed in a military look and high heels…It makes you wonder if their role is to support their leaders image by being part of his harem or providing him security?   Are they part of the next Vegas act or is the local circus coming to town?  Is all this showmanship necessary? Is their role to impress western societies with their appearance and military discipline or to provide close protection services?  Does Colonel Muammar Gaddafi need to have the huge number of 200-300 female bodyguards every time he travelsl? How effectively they can react dressed like that?

We are sure that they have a degree of training and all of them are possibly ready to give their life for their leader and put themselves as a shield between the threat and Gaddafi.  One must wonder though, if a threat revealed itself how could they ever be positioned to stop it? The bottom line is that Gaddafi does this all for show and there is safety in numbers.  However, the show is nothing more than a sideshow.  Do we think that they could protect him? Yes, we do, but it is obvious that this “leader” is interested in having his own place in Las Vegas than being a diplomat with a reasonable security team.

Athena Academy supports the belief that a female bodyguard should be hired with the same requirements and have the same responsibilities as a male bodyguard. A female bodyguard is to be accepted in a close protection team as an equal to any others participating in the security detail and they are not there as “window dressings”.  In our courses Athena Academy female students receive the same level of training as their male colleagues.  In short, Gaddafi will never be treated as a real leader and his female bodyguards will never be revered as professionals.  However, I do hear that after Cher is done in Vegas there is an opening.

Denida Zinxhiria

Athena Academy Founder