Would Rosie The Riveter Make a Good Bodyguard?

So, here is a question.  Would Rosie The Riveter have make a good icon for female bodyguards?  Don’t know who Rosie was?

Rosie The Riveter
Rosie The Riveter


During World War II in the United States, women were needed to help with the war efforts.  They were employed in munitions and materials factories and worked long hard hours to ensure that they were there to support the needs of the country.

Rosie was an icon and for the first time working women dominated public image.  Increasing to 20 million in 1944 women represented over a 50% increase in women in the work force in just four years.

So, not only did Rosie represent women in the work force but showed that women could do many of the same jobs as men.    There is more to this story and you can read on here: http://www.adcouncil.org/default.aspx?id=128                                                          

– Denida Zinxhiria, CPSS

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