Female Bodyguard Training comes to USA

Denida Zinxhiria, Founder of hte ATHENA Academy announces today that female bodyguard training will begin this summer in USA.

(Athens, Greece) 15 May 2009 –  ATHENA Academy offers female bodyguard training to women ages 20-45. “With security concerns on the rise, many are seeing the advantages of hiring women to bodyguard them” states Zinxhiria. We are the first women training organization in the world to offer such services.

Zinxhiria has taught women how to protect themselves in various classes in Athens, Greece, but has now decided to expand to other areas as the demand is increasing. Offering training for female bodyguards, urban awareness, child protection, krav maga and training for the Nannyguard (TM) designation are a few of the services offered by ATHENA Academy.

Trained by International Security Consultancy, Shield Security Organization and the Institute of Protection Specialists & Security Contractors, Zinxhiria says “you can never stop learning. Bodyguards are trained to protect their clients from intentional and unintentional acts of harm and embarrassing situations. The second I stop my education and training, is the second that I have done a disservice to my clients“. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, in various martial arts magazines and on television speaking about female bodyguards and anti-terrorism.

Zinxhiria says this about growing her training to the USA: “Starting our training in the USA will be an exciting step for us. There are some very qualified female bodyguards and security trainers that we are partnering up with to offer these services to our students“. The USA has several good female bodyguards and we are anxious to become a part of the growing industry”.

To learn how to become an ATHENA Bodyguard, you may contact ATHENA Academy by going to their website http://www.AthenaAcademy.com


Female Bodyguards for the Pope?

Well, it seems that women are now being considered for the Swiss Guard at the Vatican.  The Swiss Guard are the Pontiffs personal security force.  Female Bodyguards for the Pope would be an interesting leap for the Vatican.

They wear  the same silly little uniforms for the last 500 years, and keep the pope safe.  In fact there have been times where they have been ambushed and lost most of the whole team but were able to keep their principal from harm.

Here is what I was able to loosley translate from the news:

“After 500 years of exclusion, the Vatican is considering whether to again allow the entry of women in the Swiss Guard, the personal guard of Pontifika, composed exclusively of Swiss Catholics  between the ages of 19 and 30 years. 
The garrison, now ceremonial in nature, «born» on 22 January 1506, when 150 mercenaries arrived in Rome to serve the Pope in July II. 

The problem likely to face policy makers is to find accommodation after already experiencing space problems”.      

– Denida Zinxhiria, CPSS